The Cupule Wedding Venue

Swings & Things

Fancy an amazing photo feature ?we are committed to put all our creativity, all our love and passion for perfection so the result will be absolutely perfect. Everything will be home made, carefully selected and uniquely created, so it highlights your exceptional taste amaze your guests and exceed your expectations

Price 185 Euros plus VAT

Full with Flowers and Garlands of Crystals
Price 175 Euros plus VAT

Each Hydrogen Balloon is 7 Euros plus VAT, minimum of 30 Balloons in a package. Transportation to the venue is extra

  • Bride Foil Balloons in Silver, Gold or Pink is 100 euros plus VAT.
  • Confetti Balloons Package of 12 is 80 euros plus VAT.
  • Package with BRIDE Foil Balloons, 40 Hydrogen Balloons and 20 Regular Balloons 235 euros plus VAT.
  • Transportation to the Venue is 20 euros plus VAT(Monday-Saturday) and 30 euros plus VAT on Sundays.

Engraving Memories….

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