The Cupule Wedding Venue

Mini donuts live cooking the Cyprus way

(These prices are charged if this menu is added to a Live Station Cooking menu)

  • Price 375 Euros for 25-35 person/child + VAT

  • Price 450 Euros for 35-50 person/child + VAT

  • Price 510 Euros for 50-75 person/child + VAT

  • Price 595 Euros for 75-100 person/child + VAT

Station will contain

  • Dipping chocolate
  • Icing sugar
  • Select toppings
  • Dishes with spoons
  • Side table with sweet sauces & sprinkles

Please note if the live cooking station menu is not in place and a donut station is wanted then the following price is
350 Euros plus VAT and a cost of 3.50 Euros per person plus Vat will be charged.


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