The Cupule Wedding Venue

Lawn Ceremony At The Cupule

At The Cupule we offer several different decorative packages. We love to do bespoke events based on our Bride and Grooms specific desires. All The Cupule team is committed to decorate your ceremony area, just the way you have imagined it to be. We have got the “know how”, all the time it requires, all the love and passion it takes to decorate Your day, your wedding, your dream… And to bring to life the happiest day of your life.

Simplicity on the Lawn

1,500 Euros + VAT

The Simplicity on the lawn offers a simple approach to decorate the lawn so it becomes an intimate and romantic ceremony area. It is rustic and simply frames the lawn excellently.

The Meniscus on the lawn

1,950 Euros + VAT

The Meniscus on the lawn adds drama to the landscape. It is an exuberant package, which frames and underlines the nuptials.

The Shells

2,300 Euros + VAT

Creating impact and height, the huge shells accentuate the ceremony area. This is a decoration package for The Bride and Groom that love the limelight.

The Enchanted

2,450 Euros + VAT

The Enchanted is a romantic and sultry package for the lovers of nature. This package combines Boho and rustic aspects, to create a enchanted area that your guests will love.

Engraving Memories….

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