The Cupule Wedding Venue

Horse & Carriage

  • The Aphrodite Carriage is a price of 550 plus VAT

  • The Fairytale Carriage is a price of 700 plus VAT

  • The Queens Carriage is a price of 850 plus VAT

All the above packages include

  • This includes the Horse box and transporting the Horse to the area you want (locally)
  • Transportation of the Carriage (This is brought from another City in Cyprus on a trailer)
  • The Driver
  • The handler that will adjust the horse to it location, prior to your arrival.
  • Riding in the carriage & waiting time for up to 2 hours
  • Transportation of the horse back & carriage back to the stables
  • Can be booked through The Cupule and coordinated free of any extra charge.
  • All the Above were correct and The Cupule cannot be responsible for changes in associate’s prices.




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