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Name: Danielle
Married on: 10th October 2018
Ceremony Time: 3.00 pm
Ceremony Place: The Cupule by The Sea

Q: Where did you get dressed?

Danielle: I got dressed in the bridal suite at The Cupule in the Morning, so there was no chance my husband to be would see me, hahaha.


Q: Who was with you?

Danielle:  My Bridesmaids and the Beautician & Hairdresser came to The Cupule to get me ready. The Photographer Came towards lunchtime to get preparation Photos.


Q: How did you arrive at The Ceremony?

Danielle: I always dreamt of arriving on a horse and cart, and that’s exactly what I did. The team made my dream come true! My husband arrived with all the guests on the Open-air wedding bus and were all seated by the time I got there.


Q: Where did you have your Ceremony?

Danielle: I always wanted to have a beach wedding, it looked so tropical and amazing, It really was and I am so glad I did it, My photos are excellent.

Q: Did you have a reception & where?

Danielle: We returned to The Cupule for Cocktails & Canapes and I am glad we made that choice because there was no shade at the beach and for the older people at my wedding. We also had Ice creams and water on the beach, when we were taking photos.


Q: What time was your dinner?

Danielle: We had our dinner at 6.30 pm, but it was dark as the sunset in October is early.


Q: What time did you cut your cake?

Danielle: We cut our cake at about 5.45 pm as we wanted to do that on the lawn, while the sun was setting. We had the ‘Tree of life’ illuminations, so we wanted all our guests to see it and take photos.


Q: Did you have speeches?

Danielle: Yes, we did our speeches as soon as we went in for dinner.
Waiters stood outside the Marquee with champagne and gave everyone a glass as they entered. Philisa made sure everyone was seated and then the DJ introduced us as we made our entrance as Mr. & Mrs. We sat down and the DJ passed around a wireless microphone. Our speeches lasted about 20 minutes in total.


Q: What menu did you have?

Danielle: We had the Banquet Gourmet buffet for dinner and was yummy, we also had a chocolate fountain and after night snacks. It was important to us that there would be lots of food & drinks for our guests.


Q: Did you provide any Drinks for your guests?

Danielle: Oh yes! We paid for approx. 6 hours in total and the rest of the time, guests could buy drinks from the regular pay bar.


Q: Did you have any evening entertainment?

Danielle: Yes, we had a DJ all night and a photo booth and a children’s entertainer.


Q: Was it anything that surprised you or you were not expecting?

Danielle: Oh, The Cupule was full of surprises! Something funny, is that I had booked a horse and cart and really though I would leave from The Cupule and get to the ceremony on it. I forgot that Horses take a really long time and that would have taken forever!!! Thank God Philisa organized an air-conditioned taxi for me and that took me to meet the Horse & Cart. I travelled about 5 miles in the Horse and cart and that took about 15 mins, which was definitely enough.


The most unexpected surprise was that the next day we did not have to check out at a specific time. We stayed in bed and enjoyed our delicious Champaign royal breakfast at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon.

Name: Sandy
Married on: 12th August 2018
Ceremony Time: 5.00 pm
Ceremony Place: St. Nickolas Church

Q: Where did you get dressed?

Sandy: I got dressed in my apartment as it is custom for the Bride to be with her family, the morning of her wedding. My husband to be, was at The Cupule, getting spoilt and having a swim just 30 minutes, before he was due at the Church.


Q: How did you arrive at The Ceremony?

Sandy: I arrived at The Church in a limousine with my Dad.


Q: Where did you have your Ceremony?

Sandy: I had my ceremony at The Church of St. Nickolas in Pernera, right next to the Sea.


Q: Who Did the decorations for the Church?

Sandy: Philisa and her team did all the decorations For the Church and the aisle, exactly as we wanted With fresh flowers. They also took all the chairs there, Then after the ceremony they gathered all the decorations and returned everything to the Cupule. By the time My guests and us had arrived, they had, re-set the banquet with them. Amazing!!

Q: How was the quality of your food and drinks?

Sandy: We had the Banquet Gourmet buffet for dinner, and we were really super satisfied. The food was really fresh, tasty and there were lots of it. I can honestly say our friends and family said it was the best wedding feast they had ever attended. Marios organized a bespoke package for us, as we wanted to only serve premium alcohol for the whole night to our guests.


Q: Was it anything that surprised you or you were not expecting?

Sandy: Marios had really convinced us to have a budget for illuminations and Thank God we listened to his advice. During the detailed planning it was an extra cost and I was unsure if it was necessary. However, when we arrived at The Cupule after the ceremony it was dark and The Cupule had been transformed into an enchanted fairyland with the lighting! It was dramatic and spectacular and well worth it.


Q: Was it different from other weddings you have attended?

Sandy: Yes, definitely, my husband and I are different religions, so it was quite difficult, as our families were not integrated before coming to Cyprus. We discussed this with Marios and Philisa and they organized a relaxed pool party/BBQ, two days before our wedding for our family members and close friends. This did the trick, by the end of the afternoon, not only had the ice broken, but we truly felt, we had a united family, it made us so happy and I could finally relax and enjoy my wedding day. Both myself and my husband were amazed at the hospitality we found at The Cupule. Nothing was too much to ask and we really had the best hosts and planners in the world.

Name: Kristina
Married on: 24th April 2019
Ceremony Time:2.00 pm
Ceremony Place: The Cupule

Q: Where did you get dressed?

Kristina: I got dressed in the Bridal Suite at The Cupule, just My mother and I.


Q: Did you have any fears or Concerns, about getting married in Cyprus?

Kristina: Yes, of course we did. My husband and I are from different countries, we live and work in Dubai and here you need to be married to be able to live together. We both wanted a beautiful wedding, relaxed and without time limits, as we like to party, we were concerned as we did not visit The Cupule prior to our wedding and all our arrangements, for the legalities of marriage and everything else, were taken care off, by Marios & Philisa.


Q: Where did you have your Ceremony?

Kristina: I had my ceremony at The Cupule, it was intimate and relaxed, exactly as I wanted it. The decorations were all handmade, they used fresh olive branches and lemons as there were in season. I walked out of the bridal suite, directly to the ceremony area, were my husband to be was waiting at the end of the aisle. It was so stress free and easy, no getting in or out of cars.


Q: Where there any important details?

Kristina: I always wanted Peonies in my bridal bouquet, but I knew finding someone to prepare them and get them just right, is an art, Marios assured me that they would be money well spent and that I did not need to worry they would be perfect. I had 5 Peonies in my bouquet and 3 on my wedding cake, they were well prepared and in full bloom.

Q: Do you think the Cupule did a sufficient job of organizing your wedding preparations?

Kristina: WOW! they did an absolute amazing job, it was unbelievable, they exceeded our expectations, by far. When people love their jobs and what they do, they create and reach perfection, this is so true of The team at The Cupule.


Q: What was the highlight of your day?

Kristina: There was so many parts it is difficult to say, my guests are still talking about my wedding and how great it was. I personally loved the huge fresh flowers center-pieces in the Marquee, the aroma and the colors and the grandness of them was something, out off this world, I can’t express how thrilled and proud I felt when I saw the decorations, that they had created for me. My guests loved the ceremony entertainment, who was a multi-talented Saxophone/ Guitar player and singer that started the party with a cool vibe and out off nowhere, everyone was up dancing. My husband loved the Cocktail bar, with Konstantinos our barman, he was really amazing at creating signature cocktails with Fresh ingredients from hand blended syrups and fresh Cyprus fruits.


The ultimate highlight was the Fire eater show, as I had no idea this had been organized and it was such a ‘buzz’ to have something unexpected to happen, when I thought I was the one organizing all the finer details.

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