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“Beautiful Venue, immaculate accommodation, the most peaceful place we ever stayed.”Samantha Fox

Our Bridal suite that is offered to all couples celebrating their special day with us, is an antique over two hundred years old. It was consigned by The Singer family (The sewing company) made in Austria in 1859 and shipped to the Torbay area of England, were it was housed in the Bemerton House, awaiting the visit of Queen Victoria. In 1963 The Bemerton House was bought by the Augusti family and converted into a hotel where the bedroom was used as the bridal suite for more than a decade, before it was transported here to Cyprus.


The owner of The Cupule being a member of the Augusti family takes great pride, in sharing this heirloom and having it enjoyed by all couples that will sleep in it. Consider this, it was created for a Queen but more importantly a woman, that was passionately in love and devoted to her husband, in an era that public affection was shunned she displayed and was constant to their undying love for each other, it is apt that all couples share a similar love for each other.


This is a prestigious ,unique and exceptional handcrafted furniture set, made for a magnificent Queen and Empress, it is unique and regal, it is fitting that every bride, should be treated as a Queen on her special day. Treating you, on your first married night together, is our absolute pleasure.

*Pool usage is included based on availability.
* Breakfast can be added for an extra charge.

What Our Newlyweds Say About Us

Choosing The Cupule for our wedding was the best decision we made. It's a beautiful hidden gem of a wedding venue with stunning views perfect for a sunset wedding even in the height of summer. We held our ceremony just as the sun was setting with the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean in front of us, and our reception and party was set on the Cupule's gorgeous front lawn under the stars. Philisa and her team went above and beyond to make sure our day was as perfect and special as it could be. Our guests loved it, we loved it, you'll love it!

Michael & Natalie Collins

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