Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings


Your wedding bouquet can be a lovely, symbolic addition to your wedding day. For instance, roses are a popular choice due to their romantic qualities. However, different colours mean different things. Yellow means friendship, whereas red means love and white roses link to humbleness and innocence. However deep red can indicate mourning, so make sure you get the right shade! Another type of flower could be peonies, which are known for their nostalgic and sweet symbolism, which is purpose and happiness. This is a spring flower, which is meant to portray a joyful marriage. Peonies are also the twelfth wedding anniversary flower, which makes this great for a gift in the future!


Tulips are another popular choice, due to their royal colouring and symbolic meaning of love. They are a beautiful option, even by themselves. However, if you want to have any fillers, then Baby’s Breath are favoured for mixed bouquets, due to their delicate nature that portrays innocence. These little white flowers are symbolic for lasting love, something that is perfect for a wedding day. Call the Cupule with your date, for a perfect beach wedding in Cyprus.