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At The Cupule by the sea we have the true love and passion it takes to enhance the idyllic natural beauty of the island’s best beach and set the scene for the most magical of weddings. Our team of experts always bring to life your dream beach wedding in Cyprus, just the way you dreamt it, no wonder we have been voted “Best Mediterranean wedding venue” for the last two years by Weddings magazine.

Aqua Breeze By The Sea

720 Euros plus VAT

Aqua Breeze, is a combination of wooden and Bamboo arches and aisle candles, paired with superior quality of Silk flowers so that they decorate your ceremony at The Cupule by the sea. The arbor, is made up by two wooden step ladders and an overhead beam, steps are complimented with shelves, were colored vases and candlesticks are placed. Two huge vases with silk flower arrangements create an amazing backdrop. The beam of the Arbor is decorated with 500 silk flowers and the Chiffon curtains are tie backed with silk flower corsages. A silk flowered carpet lines the aisle and colorful stones make it sparkle.

Golden Boho Chic by the Sea

1,080 Euros plus VAT

Golden Boho Chic , is a combination of dried flowers, such as Pampas Grass, paired with superior quality of Silk flowers & Ostrich feathers so that they decorate your aisle at The Cupule by the Sea . The arrangements are complemented by tall Gold vases, creating an amazing and unique entrance for your ceremony. The Half moon Ceremonial arch is made from 500 Pampas grass and 200 Ostrich feathers. Chairs are wooden.

Boho By The Sea

1,100 Euros plus VAT

Wedding Ceremony Bohemian Elegant deco with fresh flowers, to enhance all the natural dried elements, feathers and as a breathtaking backdrop simply the amazing sun, sand and sea of Cyprus.

Bespoke Packages

Starting from 1,250 Euros + VAT

Bespoke Packages Start from 950 Euros:- Send us photos of beach ceremony decorations that inspire you, ideas,color schemes etc. and we will send you, your unique quote. We love the challenge to decorate & to exceed your expectations.

Pure Romance By The Sea

1,900 Euros + VAT

Elopement Romance by the Sea!
Designed and dedicated especially for the heart driven brides. Pure Romance, unparalleled beauty, expressed on the sandalwood deck, fresh flowers blend with the white sand, the salty sea breeze and the sunny backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea… Decoration created with a canopy of white orchids and French chiffon curtains, studded with Stargazer lilies and English aromatic Roses. The aisle lined with tall crystal vases balancing voluptuous arrangements of Stargazer lilies, roses, alstroemeria, Lysianthus, pompon chrysanthemums, bride’s blush, eucalyptus, pepper fairy tree, forest lilies, lot’s of love and great passion

Meniscus by the Sea

2,850 Euros + VAT

The decoration style is for Wedding Ceremony seekers of full-on glamour. This style incorporates 1,000 silk flowers and dried elements. The aisle is safe mirror and reflects the dream day in all its aspects. The acrylic pedestals are lined with silk flower arrangements and a garland of silk flowers edges the mirror. Crystal cylinders with candles that reflect the breathtaking backdrop simply the amazing sun, sand and sea of Cyprus.

Seashells by the Sea

3,250 Euros + VAT

The top end package is for Glossy glamour lovers. The stage, the reflections all highlight the Bride and Groom on your Amazing day. The awesome seashells that tower high at 3 meters in height and line the horizon for 11 meters in length, create a personal ‘room’ for you and your guests within the expanse of the blue Mediterranean Sea. You are center stage, within this decoration, all eyes are on you! Enjoy and let the celebrations be.

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