The Cupule Wedding Venue

Banquet Decoration

When you choose The Cupule, you get an Exclusive top end venue, with the most exclusive and unique décor. If minimalism, is your style, or modern, or chic? Classic or rustic elegance? Where ever your heart is set or even if you are still not sure, together we will figure out what your exact wedding style, actually is and based on your desired theme we will create your unique and personalized table centers pieces that will flip heads over and amaze your guests. Philisa and her team of experts are simply the perfectionists, you can trust to lift the banquet decoration to the perfection, you desire.

Guest Tables

Guest tables, and their centerpiece decorations come in all shapes and sizes at The Cupule. The central decoration of the table adds drama and should exhale the couple’s unique style.

Head Tables

Head Tables are the central design to all banquet areas. These tables differ from guest tables as the arrangements on them are lower, offering access and view to all the guests within the party. The traditional Kings table seats 8 people and intimate lovers or sweetheart tables seat the Bride and Groom. Decoration styles around the head table normally can include arches or screens behind the seating area and sometimes large arrangement to either side.

Focal Decorations

A focal decoration or a focal table are areas within the banquet area, were couples choose to add individual touches. These areas could be to commemorate a lost loved one, a wishing tree that every guest will sign a card and have it collected at the end of the evening. Sometimes it is an area that adds an extra tall decoration, offering intimacy to the venue. At the Cupule we create anything you would love and design it especially for you…………That’s why we are the best Venue in Europe!

Engraving Memories….

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