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Banquet Decoration Head Tables

Head Tables are the central design to all banquet areas. These tables differ from guest tables as the arrangements on them are lower, offering access and view to all the guests within the party. The traditional Kings table seats 8 people and intimate lovers or sweetheart tables seat the Bride and Groom. Decoration styles around the head table normally can include arches or screens behind the seating area and sometimes large arrangement to either side.

The Prestige Crystal lovers table

300 Euros + VAT

White silk flower arrangements, with lots of greenery. The heart-shaped arch frames the table with Crystal candlesticks & floating candles

The Rustic Lovers table

330 Euros + VAT

For lovers of nature’s finest products, this Sweetheart table combines Fresh forest greenery with Roses and wild forest flowers with a wooden rectangular arch.

The Prestige Gold Sweetheart

450 Euros + VAT

White silk flower arrangements are surrounded with candles, nicely arranged in Gold and crystal mirrored jewelry boxes. The Silk flower arch is a backdrop and is complemented by tall golden vases.

The Bohemian Lovers table

580 Euros + VAT

This Sweetheart table is an accent within the Marquee. Strikingly tall and a ‘Must have’ for all the Brides that dream of a Boho Theme.

The Rustic Elegance head table

620 Euros + VAT

Fresh flower arrangements paired with voluptuous amounts of greenery that line the Front of this head table. Each corner is towered with golden candelabras and the table is highlighted with golden tealights throughout.

Tropical Sweetheart Table

850 Euros + VAT

Decorated as seen with White Roses, Tropical Greenery and Fresh Banana Leaves.

The Crystal Glamour table

950 Euros + VAT

5 White decorative cathedral doors make this head table backdrop a focal point within the banquet area. This is a Regal design, elegant and tall. It boasts fresh roses and Ostrich feathers.

The Allure Sweetheart table

950 Euros + VAT

Monumental White silk flower arrangements protect the head table, with over 1,000 silk roses used and 500 Ostrich feathers, this offers full-on Hollywood glamour to any wedding.

The Rustic opulence head table

995 Euros + VAT

Voluptuous amounts of Fresh flower arrangements are paired with greenery to create this head table. Chiffon is draped and creates a mirage background for this ethereal effect.

The Boho Prestige head table

1050 Euros + VAT

The Boho prestige is a huge decorative extravaganza. This 5 Meter pole is covered with Large amounts of greenery or Boho and feathers based on your preference. This head table is made for exterior lawn weddings, and its oversized drama becomes regular within the large exterior lawn space. 50 Crystal baubles with candles are suspended from the center. The table is decorated with fresh flowers & greenery or Boho and feathers based on your preferences.

The Boho Flair head table

1050 Euros + VAT

Boho arrangements paired with fresh flowers that line the Front of this head table. Each corner is towered with golden candelabras and the table is highlighted with golden tealights throughout. A huge Golden Honeycomb arch guards the back of the table and massive Boho arrangements make this a star-stopper choice.

The Meniscus Head table

1,380 Euros + VAT

The Four Meniscus arches add drama to the Wedding, with over 1,500 silk flowers. It is an exuberant package, which frames and underlines the head table and the Bridal party.

The Shells Head Table

1,550 Euro + VAT

The 7 seashell arches frame the head table, balancing silk flowers with crystal and boho elements. The head table is raised on a stage.

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